Naked Winery Viognier 2017

Life is complicated, so why not listen to some old school records and drink some wine aptly named! Between @aliisonroth and I, we decided Fleetwood Mac seemed perfect for our old souls, what is your favorite record to drink wine to?

This wine is exactly how it sounds, and it’s super complicated! I’m going to veer off my norm and tell you verbatim from the back of the label because I think they nailed it.

“Within one sip you’ll find tastes that are funny are fruity, spicy, soft yet direct... this is Complicated! Forward fruits are fresh and flirty. Floral scents are tangled in a love triangle with pineapple and mango flavors. And although kiwi flavors are married to apricot, they’re dancing with citrus and spice. This is as Complicated as it gets!” Cheers my Winos, hope you enjoyed your wine Wednesday and that wine made life a little less complicated tonight 😏🍷

Where to buy: Check out their site

Happy sipping!