Hester Creek Rosé Cabernet Franc 2016

We all have busy lives and get caught up in the busy summertime schedules, but today my friend @hil.wat and I finally got to sit down over some cheese, crackers, cherries and rosé to chat about life, jobs, dating, and everything in between. Do you have those friends where you can pick back up right where you left off even after a few months??

This Rosé Cabernet Franc was a wine that I picked up while in B.C. Canada a few weekends ago. It’s been sitting in my fridge and this was the perfect occasion to bring it out! Paired with some Brie, this rosé is 13.7% alcohol content but very full bodied and only moderately acidic. Smelled like grapefruit and strawberry, tastes of strawberry and rhubarb. This rosé from the Okanagan Valley was a pleasant surprise and I hope I can find this on the shelves in the states somewhere.

  • Wine: Hester Creek Rosé Cabernet Franc

  • Year: 2016

  • Region: Provence, France

  • Cost: $19.95

  • Where to Buy: This wine is sold out on their site but keep this brand in mind for next season!

Happy sipping!