Stemmari Rosé 2017

In the PNW all we’re used to is fresh air and blue skies in August, enjoying time out on the water boating or paddle boarding or hiking (I don’t hike but I hear some people do that sort of thing). Lately because of the forest fire smoke filling the air, we haven’t seen our bright blue skies in awhile and today they’re back! Even if just for a moment, that blue sky called for a glass (ahem... maybe bottle) of rosé next to the water.

This rosé is from @stemmariwine and it’s a Sicilian wine produced using an indigenous Sicilian varietal, Nero d’Avola. I appreciate the 12% alcohol content, while also tasting like wild strawberries! This rosé is not too dry, not too fruit forward, and for the price it’s definitely worth a snag off the shelf next time you see it. 

Happy sipping!