Gérard Bertrand Gris Blanc 2016

It really is true, time flies when you're having fun. Exactly one year ago, a group of wonderful friends pushed me to post my first wine on this account. I’d been sitting on it for a few weeks, too scared that my idea would be rejected by the world. After a few glasses of rosé at Golden Gardens, I pulled the trigger and 365 days later, I’m still drinking rosé on a different beach. Thanks to all of you for keeping me going, and cheers to many many more days to come. Do you have a favorite wine I’ve ever posted about?

This French rosé is the lightest colored rosé I believe I’ve ever drank. On first taste, you’d think you’re sipping on something like a Sauv Blanc, but the light tastes of watermelon and strawberry remind you it’s a rosé. It really is a perfect summer sipper, served extremely chilled this bottle is going down almost too easy. People magazine listed this as one of the top ten rosés to be drinking this summer and I definitely don't disagree!

  • Wine: Gérard Bertrand, Gris Blanc 2016
  • Year: 2016
  • Region: 
  • Cost: $12.99
  • Where to Buy: Fred Meyer Stores

Happy sipping!


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