Domaine Vetriccie Île de Beauté Rosé 2016

There's nothing quite like a Seattle summer. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't rain all year round (only about 8 months out of the year). When the sun does come out, we all make sure to make the most of it! The best place to throw a summertime birthday barbeque is on the beach, and what else to bring to a beach BBQ than a bottle of crisp, cold rose. 

This rose was a fun find. It's from Corsica, France and it was only $7.99 on sale! It is a dark shade rose, closer to a watermelon color. Smells like strawberries and tastes fruity too. I can't say I shared too much of this wine, so not a ton of others opinions, but I do know that it was gone rather quickly! 

  • Wine: Domaine Vetriccie Île de Beauté Rosé
  • Year: 2016
  • Region: Corsica, France

Happy sipping!