Bells Up Winery, Prelude Rosé of Pinot Noir 2017

If only there was a wine holiday every day of the week... oh wait there probably is. Today I hope you are all pouring yourself a refreshing glass of rosé to celebrate a Tuesday well done. As we start to move towards the end of Summer I’m going to drink as much of this #summerwater as possible! What’s your top rosé you’ve had this summer?? 🌸 My list of my top 10 rosés is linked in my bio if you’re looking for new ones to try!

This rosé I was introduced to by my boss @patitaraz. At first the darker pink hue told me it was going to be on the sweeter side, but to my surprise and delight it wasn’t! It’s a fuller bodied rosé while still being crisp and dry. Smells slightly of peaches, tastes like cherries and raspberries but not overly fruity! Visit their Oregon winery and share your #BellsUpMoment! If you are down in the Oregon wine country area, also look up @classiccarwinetours! Zero better ways to get around than in a red 1938 Buick Classic 🚗

  • Wine: Bells Up Winery, Prelude Rosé of Pinot Noir

  • Year: 2017

  • Region: Oregon

  • Cost: $22.00

  • Where to Buy: Unfortunately this is sold out on their site, but keep a look out for their next release!

Happy drinking!


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