Underground Wine Project And Why am I Mr.Pink Rose 2016

I may be in my twenties, but there is still something really fun about hanging out in beach forts. They were a staple of my Camano Island summers, hunting for driftwood to fit my fort perfectly. Sometimes needing rope to tie together the frame, and the older I got, hammer & nails. Mind you my dad's version of old enough to use hammer and nails by myself was somewhere around 9 or 10. 

This was the first time I've sipped on anything harder than a juice box in a beach fort, but I think I might do it more often. This rosé is part of Trey Busch and Mark McNeilly's (Mark Ryan Winery) Underground Wine Project. The label is fun and the wine inside reflects that vibe. It's very dry, fruity, citrus and tart, overall good value rose. If I was to pair this with any meal, I would choose a salmon dinner.     

  • Wine: Underground Wine Project And Why am I Mr.Pink Rose
  • Year: 2016
  • Region: Columbia Valley, WA
  • Blend:  100 percent Sangiovese
  • Cost: $13.99
  • Where to Buy: Any IGA store

Happy sipping!