El Terrano Rosado 2016

Every Thursday in the summer there is a downtown sailing series in Seattle. It is a perfect escape from a long day at the office. This rose is a perfect partner to help make rigging the sails just a little more fun. I am better at drinking wine than I am at sailing, but that doesn't stop me from trying! The bottle conveniently fits into bottle holders on the boat, so your hands are free to jibe and tack. 

A friend introduced me to this wonderful Spanish Rosado (shout out to Kerry if she's reading this) that you can buy at Whole Foods for $9.99. It's crisp, light, apple notes and is a tad acidic. I haven't found an occasion or food that this doesn't taste good with. The label is also as pretty as the wine inside it! I can't wait to introduce more people to this wonderful rose before summer is over.

  • Wine: El Terrano Rosado
  • Year: 2016
  • Region: El Terrano, Spain

Happy sipping!