Sexy Wine Bomb, Blends Have More Fun Red 2012

Our 'Favorite Things' party

Our 'Favorite Things' party

If you’ve never had a Galentines Day, you should start next year. Round up your best gals and celebrate each other! I think that it's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate friendships that bring us just as much love to our lives as other relationships. 

We do a ‘favorite things’ party, which is really simple to implement and very fun! Tally the number of people RSVP'd and bring 1 less than the amount of people attending. Example: 10 RSVP's, bring 9 of the same thing. We kept the limit under $5 so that it's affordable for large groups, and forces you to get creative! When I was down in Austin, Texas I snagged these wonderful $5 donut shaped bath bombs made by South Austin Bath & Body.

You never show up to a party empty handed. I bought this blend because the label obviously fit the theme party. As far as blends go, it's a lighter blend and a middle of the road wine. For the cost it does it’s job, especially when you're swapping gifts with your gals. Pretty fruity, light tart, low tannins.

Cheers to all my boss babe winos out there!