Right Now Wine Red Number 8

There are few things I enjoy more than wine, sunsets, and endless nights talking with your best friend. Doesn’t matter if it’s a work night or a weekend, or if we really talk about nothing at all! What’s your favorite place to chat with your best friends??

I have been on the hunt for a drinkable canned red wine. Most of the ones I’ve tried I would be kidding myself if I could recommend. This can from @rightnowwinewas so surprising! They call it #8 after a trick some restaurants use is to list the wines in order from lightest to heaviest. The scale runs from 1-11 so the 8 is medium-heavy bodies, a bit of fruit, and bit of spice. And for the evening of sunset watching, we found them perfect.

  • Wine: Right Now Wine Red Number 8

  • Year: 2016

  • Region: Washington

  • Cost: $5.50 per can

  • Where to Buy: Check out their website

Happy drinking!


Chelsey NelsonComment