Rojac Refošk Grenache 2014

Every time I turn around I feel like a new restaurant or bar is opening up in Seattle. What better way to explore them all is on the company tab welcome a new team member to the company! We picked a fun little bar in Pioneer Square called Damn the Weather. The wine menu had a lot of different options, but I decided to lean towards a wine from a region I'd never tried wine from before--Slovenia. 

This red wine was a wonderful intro into the region! Pretty dry, wild berries taste, and tannic. I ended up having a second glass because it was so good. I'll definitely have to test out more wines from this region, seeing as I usually skip over this section in the wine aisles. If you are in Seattle and want a bar to stop in to have oysters and nice glass of wine, make sure to check out Damn the Weather! (PS they make a great Old Fashioned too)  

  • Wine: Rojac: Refošk grenache
  • Year: 2014
  • Region: Refosco, Primorska, Slovenia 
  • Cost: $18.00
  • Where to Buy: Bought this by the glass at Damn the Weather

Happy sipping!