Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

17 US states and 12 foreign countries... and counting. A few years ago I decided to do a very millennial thing and quit my job to backpack through Europe by myself. Ever since then, I have a never ending wanderlust which causes me to book too many plane tickets and use all my PTO. I've been wanting a scratch off world map for awhile now and I found this one on Amazon. Now it's hung in my apartment and taunts me on a daily basis to book new flights. 

Since I knew this would take me a bit to scratch, I decided to open a bottle of wine to make the task more fun. I initially picked out the Cannonball Cab in the stores because they have a fun label, and I'm not above admitting that. Turns out this wine would quickly become one of my go-to's for a cab to suggest to people! The back of the bottle says: big, bold with black cherry notes. I agree with all of that and would add that it has a wonderful smell to it. 

Map hanging in my studio

Map hanging in my studio

Happy sipping!